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Get out of your head and into your body.
This is a pleasure based coaching practice that uses the Somatica approach to intimacy and relationships.

Can you imagine what life would be like if we just had the right tools to have a relationship that feels exciting, pleasurable, and connected?

What if every relationship could be as exhilarating as your deepest fantasies?

With the right tools and guidance, you can cultivate connections that are not only exciting but deeply satisfying. Our coaching sessions equip you with the skills to foster pleasure, intimacy, and genuine connections. Instead of just fantasizing about a fulfilling relationship—create ong.


What is Somatica?

Somatica is a blend of talk and experimental practices that emphasis vulnerability, empathy, self awareness, embodiment, and sensuality.

Through this method we are able to expand our beliefs, practice the skills required for deeper connections, and discover our own personal roadmap to intimacy. We do this through embodiment practices, learning to identify our limits, shifting habitual behaviors, as well as learning to communicate vulnerably with our partners.

This in itself allows us to have more pleasure filled relationships that are accepting, erotic, connected, and joyful!

Our goal is to create safety, acceptance, and trust, so we are able to show up more confidently as our most authentic selves.

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Working With Jill

Over the last 8 years, I have worked in the field of boudoir + intimacy as a photographer.

I have witnessed many women disrobing in the hopes of building a
connection between their everyday selfs and their erotic selfs. In real time, I got to see my clients come alive, feel powerful, and get completely blissed out during their photo sessions. I not only gave them a safe place to be themselves but to also be creative and find their growing edges.

I started to notice that the clients coming to me were looking for an experience that was beyond just the physical “sexy photos”. Many were using these photo sessions as a place of
celebration as they walked alongside real life events like entering chemo, ending a turbulent relationship, celebrating a wedding, bringing a new life into the world, and building a better relationship with their own bodies.

As I became more deeply entrenched in this work I felt this desire to do more for my clients. I wanted to not only empower them through my art but also to be a bridge for them to learn the tools necessary for creating a more embodied, erotic life.

When I found Somatica, I knew this was the path to take. I wanted to be able to give my clients a deeper experience that aligned with their needs, desires, and growth. I also wanted to help those that were not there yet and support them on their quest for liberation.

I am fully trained in the Somatica coaching practice, art therapy, photography, and
also versed in trauma informed care and tantra.

I find myself most curious to work with both singles and couples who are looking to get more pleasure out of life and have the desire to build mutually fulfilling relationships.

Liberate Your Sensuality With Somatica

Are you desiring to feel joyful, sensual, and free in your relationships without giving up your needs, desires, and boudoirs?

Learning how to be in relationship with yourself as well as current and future partners can shift your life from mundane and constrained to feeling completely accepted, free, and erotically embodied.

Do you have the desire to enter into a relationship with the embodied skills it takes to set boundaries, speak vulnerably, resolve conflict, and create a more joyful life together?

Before you ask what is this is exactly, just know

This isn’t therapy. Therapy is amazing and helps you hash out your past but coaching, especially through this method, gives you the tools to take into your
life in order to navigate relationships, intimacy, and deepening your own self awareness.

Simply you will start to feel lit up and irresistible to the life, people, and opportunities that you most desire.

Why would someone want to hire a sex + intimacy coach?

Our coaching calls are a place to workshop, pull things apart, get messy, and start to awaken what may have been laying
dormant inside of you. By hiring a coach you are saying yes to discovering how your unique system works, what makes you turned on, and how to achieve more pleasure over and over again.

Our coaching calls are not only a safe space to express yourself through words but also a playground to experiment with the skills it takes to be an exceptional partner.

You can come to these sessions with a specific goal in mind or with whatever is feeling most alive for you presently.

If you’re feeling intrigued and desire to begin the process of expanding your capacity for pleasure, you can book your first intimacy call with me and we can find out what is possible. We can begin to elevate your dating game, deepen your romantic connections, and rediscover your desire for intimacy.

Ways To Work With Me

1-1 Calls


Coaching + Photos

80 Minute Coaching Call available on Zoom or in person, by request.

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Coming July 2024

Combine the power of intiamcy coaching with a transformational photo experince.

Ways To Work With Me

1-1 Calls

80 Minute Coaching Call available on Zoom or in person, by request.


Jump into our Telegram community

Coming July 2024

Coaching + Photos

Combine the power of intiamcy coaching with a transformational photo experince.

Intimacy Coaching & Your Luxury Boudoir Session

Imagine before you even step foot inside our studio, feeling more alive, turned on, and more magnetic to your life than ever before! 

Combine our intimacy coaching program along side the photo session of your deepest desires is IRRESISTIBLE. 

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