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I am Jill, the owner of Bare By Barrile (formally Jillian Barrile Photography) I am a luxury boudoir photographer as well as a sex and intimacy coach.

My approach to photography is about creating a safe and comfortable place for my clients to express themselves, get intimate, and deepening their connection to their bodies.


I started off my career in photo journalism and fine art photography where I learned how to bridge documentation with art making. Over the years I have worked in bridal, events, branding, journalism, fine arts, and the commercial space.

I believe in intimacy and know it can and does change people's lives.

I have found my passion in working with individuals who are looking to celebrate themselves, love on their bodies, and desiring to deepen their intimacy.

My background in the creative arts, psychology, trauma informed, and photography come together to create a space for empowerment, internal strength, and connection.

I am trained in the somatic method (https://www.somaticainstitute.com/) of relationship coaching which is a sex and intimacy coaching program that goes beyond the mind and into the body.  This is for people looking to deepen their connection with a partner, get more vulnerable and understood in their relationships, practice dating, spice things up in the bedroom,  rewrite old patterns, or for those looking to just get to know themselves better.  

I will always meet you where you are but my goal is to bring you to your edge over and over again. My purpose is to walk alongside those who want to connect with their truth and open up their eyes to the possibilities in their life, stand strong in who they are,  and lead themselves in their own life. 

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This is a place for kick ass females that are looking for a safe place to talk and share about all things boudoir.

Socome between the sheets with us and lets swap stories, encourage growth, and love on our bodies

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